Tradies are always in demand because of the highly skilled work you do and the practical nature of your work. Recently, it was reported that brickies are currently in high demand in NSW and there is a lot of money to be made if this is your trade.

Brickie shortage leads to high demand

A recent article for the Daily Telegraph reported that there in an increasing demand for brickies in NSW and simply not enough brickies to finish the jobs, with businesses having to import workers from interstate or overseas. According to the Australian Brick and Bricklaying Foundation, this shortage in brickies has seen the price of bricks in NSW rise from 85c 12 months ago to as high as $1.90. Apprentice numbers are unfortunately not high enough to meet demand which means that shortage of brickies may continue into the future for NSW. The article discusses that the ongoing demand for brickies in NSW doesn’t relate only to the need for new houses to be built but also the fact that homeowners increasingly want to complete renovations on their existing houses.

The good news for NSW brickies is that all that demand means they have greater potential earning power, especially when they’re experienced, and top quality brickies could see themselves earning up to $6000 for a four day week. The article outlines that the shortage in brickies and lack of interest in the trade may be due to a lack of promotion in schools.

The right insurance for your trade

Like any other tradie, as a brickie you need to make sure they have the right insurance in place so you’re protected financially if things go wrong. The most obvious form of insurance that brickies need to consider is Public Liability Insurance as this protects you from the cost of a claim if you’re found liable after damage to property or injury to a person. Tool Insurance is another big one for brickies as you need cover if your gear is lost, damaged or stolen, especially when you think about how expensive it wold be replace all your tools and equipment.

Personal Accident and Illness Cover is also important for brickies to consider. This cover means you’ll continue to receive a portion of your regular pay if you can’t work due to injury or illness. For brickies who are often self-employed, Personal Accident and Illness Cover means you can keep up with your daily living expenses until you’re able to work again or until the policy runs out.

At All Trades Cover, we understand your specific insurance requirements as we cater exclusively to tradies. This means we have the knowledge to help you find the best insurance package to suit your areas of risk. With our competitive prices and easy going service, you’ll find what you’re looking for with us.

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