Plumbers Insurance

Poor insurance coverage is a blocked pipe and All Trades Cover is the Draino. You should no longer accept policies with sneaky exclusions trying to reduce your cover. At All Trades Cover we have paid out 100% of every claim that’s been submitted since the day we started.

Plumber Public Liability Insurance

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Liability insurance shouldn’t be hard, it should be a quick process to get a quote, it should be good quality cover from a reputable insurer, it should be easy to buy. All Trades Cover make insurance for plumbers easier through:

  • Online quotes in seconds
  • The security of Australia’s largest insurer
  • Superior policy coverage
  • Your Certificate of Insurance emailed to you in minutes
  • Cheap and easy cover for your tools
  • No sneaky extra fees

There is quite simply no easier way to protect your Plumbing business.

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