TV Antenna Installers Insurance

Get Fast, Easy, Affordable Insurance for Your TV Antenna Installers Business

TV Antenna Installers Insurance

Whether you’re a one man band or part of a national franchise like Mr Antenna, Satpro or Jim’s Antennas we’ve got the cover that’s right for you.

Business Insurance for TV Antenna Installers

Public Liability Insurance

Public liability Insurance for TV Antenna Installers protects you from property damage and from any personal injury caused to another person. Claims can cover costs associated with repairs and replacements, and if a lawyer is required it will also cover the legal fees. It wouldn’t take much for third parties to injure themselves or for accidental damage to occur to a customer’s property. Protect your business financially today!

Tools Cover

Tool Cover is essential for your TV Antenna Installer insurance package. If your tools or equipment is lost, damaged or stolen, this policy protects. Ensure you have complete financial protection while you are onsite to avoid using your own costs on repairs or replacements for all your tools.

Personal Accident and Illness Insurance

When a sudden injury or illness occurs and you are unable to work it can be hard financially. As a TV Antenna Installer you rely heavily on your income and following an accident or illness, if you are covered this will ensure you receive a portion of your income. Let yourself recover while you are protected financially.

Fast, Easy Insurance

We understand the process of insurance for TV antenna Installers and want to make it quick and as easy as possible. At All Trades Cover, our brokers will help you find the right insurance package for your work and potential risks. You can rest your mind knowing that we provide high quality insurance at a competitive price and our dedicated team have the right industry experience to ensure that you’re protected.


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Antenna Installers Insurance
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