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Volts, grids, polycrystalline silicon, alternating current, zenith – we know all the terms! No, we don’t. I had to look them up to see what they were. We only know insurance.

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Insurance is one of the most important parts of your business. Turning a profit matters but covering your tools, employees, and self is just as important.

Here at AllTradesCover we only cover tradies, so we know what your business insurance needs are. Our online quote and buy system means you can get a price and get covered there, and then, your Certificate of Insurance is emailed to you within minutes!

With 20 years of experience and backed by Australia’s biggest insurer, we understand your trade.

Solar panel installers and two workers

Why Solar Panel Installers Need Insurance

Being a solar panel installer means there are inherent risks you could face whilst on the job. You have plenty of responsibilities, which you need to constantly juggle while providing enough attention to all tasks at hand.

You should learn how to balance your time throughout the different aspects of work, from training recruits, talking and meeting new clients, to going up the roof to install the panels. You or a member of your team could get injured. Even if you are careful, something could still go wrong. That’s why you should always be protected when the unexpected happens. And that’s why you need insurance.

Worker is working solar panel installs

Which Cover Should You Get?

Liability insurance is important, and that’s just another thing we provide to keep you, your business, and your clients safe. Liability insurance covers property damage or physical injury that may occur during trading, including third party injury and damages.

Another type of insurance that is crucial for your business is product liability. It covers unintentional defects, which could occur in your work. In most cases, you and your business will be held responsible for the damage caused to a client’s property or business.

For example, you or your team made an honest mistake in wiring the solar system. Unfortunately, it caused fire damage to the residential property of the client. Despite being found responsible for the damage, you do not have to pay for the charges associated with the incident. The costs, as we all know, will cause a huge dent in your finances. But because you have product liability insurance, you can just leave the costs to us, and we will pay them for you.

Solar panel installers and workers

You may also require tools insurance. As a solar panel installer, you cannot work without your tools. If you lose them or they got stolen, you do not have to worry about the expenses related to buying a new tool. Tools insurance also provides cover if you have damaged the tools you use while you do your job. One great thing about tools insurance is that you can customise it depending on what’s suitable for your business. That way, you do not end up paying for insurance you will not even benefit from.

In many cases, solar panel installers have to provide advice to their clients. If you gave advice to a client and this particular advice caused an issue, you could be sued. As you may already be aware, being sued is not cheap. This is why you require professional indemnity insurance, which will cover legal costs and damages connected to your job as a solar panel installer.

Factors That Affect Your Insurance

Insurance is not cheap, but you can tailor it to your job or business to ensure you are paying for something you will find useful in the end.

Some things can affect the final price of your insurance, which are:

  • Your occupation (specifically if you install solar panels and perform other risky jobs)
  • Number of workers in your team, including yourself
  • Whether you install solar panels for residential, commercial, or industrial properties
  • The areas you service

At All Trades Cover, we want you to find the best and most appropriate insurance for you. We are always open to answer any enquiries you may have. All questions will be handled efficiently and quickly.

Flexibility in payment options, no hidden fees and charges, and simple to buy cover online. That’s what makes us the fastest growing online insurer of tradesmen in Australia.

Worker solar panel installs

When lodging a claim, we make sure that you know we are working with you in every possible way. All claims will be handled in a professional manner. That way, you will receive an outcome that you will deem fair.

AllTradesCover has successfully covered 100% of claims, and every claim is approved within 7 days. Get a quote now and see what we can do for you!

Are you ready to get insured? We have designed an application that you can complete easily and quickly. There have been many cases where we approve applications almost instantly. All documentation, including policy schedule and wording, will be sent directly to your email. If your policy is not issued right away, it usually means that we require more information from you. Nevertheless, we will contact you immediately, so you can finish your application.

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