As a tradie, you know that you cannot operate without your equipment and tools. So, protecting them with insurance cover has a significant impact on your earning ability. However, what about protecting the driving force behind all aspects of your business, you.

How would you cover your expenses if you are injured in an accident or suddenly become so ill you cannot work? Unfortunately, many people could not. It may seem obvious, but it bears mentioning your business depends on your ability to perform your specific set of tasks. This is why you would be wise to consider personal accident insurance.


In this article we discuss personal accident insurance, what it is, why you should have it and exactly what it covers.


What is Personal Accident Insurance?

A personal accident insurance policy will help you remain financially solvent if you are unable to work because of an illness or injury. The cover pays you a portion of your income while off work.


How Do I Know if I Need Personal Accident Insurance?

Generally, if your income pays a large portion of your monthly bills, you should consider personal accident insurance.

Other ways to know if you need this type of cover:

  • You would need to hire help to take care of your home (clean, cook, care for family pets) while you are sick or injured
  • You would need help with your children especially drop off and pick up for school or other extra-curricular activities
  • Your pay is the only source of income in your household


What is Covered by Personal Accident Insurance?

While specifics may vary because of riders to a policy, the typical personal accident insurance policy will cover accidents or illnesses that are not premeditated or preexisting.

Example: Dean owns a small roofing company and is the only source of income for his family. While walking through a park, Dean trips and breaks his leg. Because he has personal accident insurance, Dean will be able to pay his bills while he is unable to work.

Man at home using crutches.


What Types of Injuries or Events Are Not Covered by Personal Accident Insurance?

Personal accident insurance typically has several exclusions. While these can vary based on how the policy is written, usually, the exclusions include,

  • Accidents that occur because of the insured’s preexisting condition. An example of this is someone with a seizure disorder falling and breaking a bone during a seizure.
  • Injuries sustained because the insured’s taking part in a hazardous activity. For example, losing an arm while wrestling with a crocodile
  • Injuries sustained in a suicide attempt
  • Injuries sustained while under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs
  • Accidents that occur while committing an unlawful act
  • Damages that occur because of war, terrorism, civil war, insurrection, or under the order of any public authority or government

Example: Judy is a dog walker in the city. Judy attempts to ride a skateboard while out with friends and drinking heavily. She falls and breaks her arm, so Judy is unable to do her job with a broken arm. Even though she has a personal accident policy, Judy does not receive payment for her time off work. This is because one of the policy’s exclusions is accidents occurring while under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.


What Determines the Cost of a Personal Accident Insurance Policy?

Several factors help to determine how much an individual will pay for personal accident insurance. These include,

  • Age of the insured
  • Income level
  • General health
  • Waiting periods
  • The benefit amount


What Sets All Trades Cover Personal Accident Insurance Apart from Other Companies Products?

At All Trades Cover, all of our insurance plans are made with tradies in mind. Our policies offer an agreed value option. This allows you to help decide how much money you will get during your recovery. Additionally, you can request a benefit period of up to two years.

While we all want to believe that unfortunate accidents happen to other people, the odds are good that you might encounter an unforeseen event. Should that happen, you would need a way to support yourself.

That is why a personal accident policy is so crucial, especially if you are self-employed and have no access to paid leave. To learn more about personal accident insurance, contact us at All Trades Cover. We specialise in providing the insurance tradies need, and we can arrange cover for you.

**Please Note**

The material provided in this post is for informational purposes only. It is not legally binding insurance advice and should not be considered as such. It should not take the place of an individual consultation with an insurance expert.

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