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A roof is one of the most important foundations in any home or business, and your insurance shouldn’t be any different! If you are someone who provides roofing services, you know you face plenty of risks – probably more than a lot of other professions. Working on a roof can lead to accidentally injuring someone in the property or a portion of the property itself. You could also lose or damage tools that you often use. Without them, you cannot carry out essential tasks.

Regardless of the situation, you could be in, you certainly need Roofers Insurance. It makes sure you are protected from financial losses.

Let us say that a piece of heavy equipment, such as a hammer, fell while you were doing your job. This incident shattered glass on the property. You will then be liable for the repair costs. The same thing applies if you forgot to put a cord away, leaving it on the ground. Because it was not secured properly, someone tripped over it, leading to an injury. You will most likely be held responsible for the hospital bills and costs associated with that person’s rehabilitation.

Roofer at work.

Roofers like you should always protect themselves and their businesses. No matter how careful you are, accidents always have a tendency to happen. You should never risk it, which is why you should obtain Public Liability Insurance. Backed by Australia’s largest insurer, AllTradesCover is cheap, easy and fast.

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We offer a quote and buy insurance, so you don’t need to wait for someone to call you back with a quote! Our prices include fees, charges and taxes and are available online now.

No fuss, just easy online cover in minutes. We’ll even email you your Certificate of Insurance.

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What Type of Insurance Does a Roofer Need?

If you go online and try to find the appropriate insurance for your job, you will surely see many options out there. However, the most significant is known as Public Liability Insurance. It is a common type of insurance that every business and contractor in Australia should have. Having Public Liability Insurance provides you with financial help that you can afford.

Meanwhile, if you want to focus on insurance for your tools or equipment, you can opt for a Tools Cover. Some professional roofers who run their own business may need more comprehensive protection in case of accidents and lawsuits. Workers Compensation may be necessary if you work with a bunch of people. It helps to be covered by this type of insurance, so you do not pay for hospital fees if ever an employee gets injured.

Using grinder on cement tile roof.

Why Should You Apply for Roofers Insurance?

Public Liability Insurance offers protection to contractors and tradies like roofers. Let’s face it: payable costs resulting from damages to another person’s property, equipment, or a third-party injury can be devastating to your business, reputation, and cash flow.

Unfortunate events can be minor where you shell out just a few hundred dollars. However, if you caused a serious injury or any other extreme case, you could end up paying several hundreds and thousands of dollars. That’s why you need insurance. If you are covered, you gain peace of mind because you will not be required to pay for the expenses using your savings. The insurer takes care of the payout of the claim against you as long as the claim is within the policy’s limits.

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At All Trades Cover, we keep insurance simple and accessible. If you are new to Roofers Insurance, you can contact us to discuss various packages that suit you and your trade. You may need to consider the risks that you could encounter while on the job to determine the level of cover that will work for you. All Trades Cover has experts that look at your situation and provide recommendations that you will find useful and applicable to your circumstances.

Liability Insurance is important and that’s just another thing we provide to keep you, your business, and your clients safe. Liability Insurance covers property damage or physical injury that may occur during trading including third party injury and damages. In other words, you are not covered, and neither are your tools. You may need to look at other types of Roofers Insurance, such as Personal Accident and Injury Insurance or Equipment or Tools Cover.

Roofer at work.

All Trades Cover has paid out 100% of claims lodged so you can have the confidence you’ll have less downtime in the event of an accident or claim.

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