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Business Insurance for Carpenters

Public Liability Insurance

This form of cover is often required, especially for carpenters working with construction companies. With this insurance, you gain financial protection in case your work activities cause damage to another person or property. Perhaps you broke a window or a member of your team was seriously injured.
Public Liability may also include faulty workmanship cover with specific conditions, such as personal injury or property damage relating to human error. Therefore, this insurance may not provide cover for the rectification of the mistake you made.

Tools Cover

As a carpenter, you keep your valuable tools in your toolbox, which is essentially your own treasure trove. It’s hard to imagine getting through the day without those tools, which can quickly go missing from your toolbox. That is why you need Tools Insurance, which will cover the loss and damage of items you use for work. Cover applies to tools you have lost due to theft even though they were safely stored in a secure location. Tools Insurance also provides coverage for accidental or fire damage and damage due to natural disasters like lightning or storms.

Income Protection

Many carpenters are self-employed, which means it is difficult to obtain workers compensation and sick leave coverage. It is why it is not out of the ordinary for worksites to require Income Protection. This form of insurance offers a replacement for your lost income, specifically if special circumstances do not allow you to carry out your regular duties. For example, you are sick or injured, which means you have to stop working to recuperate at home or the hospital.

Commercial Motor Insurance

Without your ute or van, how would you transport your materials – and yourself? It would be difficult to get from your home to the worksite and vice versa without your vehicle. Show that you value it by getting insurance that specifically protects your business or work-use car. Commercial Motor Insurance will cover your work-use car allowing protection for stolen or damage


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Are You a Contractor or Sub-contractor in Carpentry?

It doesn’t matter what kind of carpenter you are or where you do it, it’s important to have the right insurance cover in place. Even if you’re just getting the coverage to obtain a Certificate of Insurance so you can get on-site, or to demonstrate to your potential clients that you do have cover it’s always best to get cover which you can rely on.

All Trades Cover specialises in providing the best insurance for carpenters in Australia. Subtractors working with a construction company and carpenters with their own businesses are sure to gain from having the right cover. Many clients and firms require that carpenters are insured prior to the beginning of the project.

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Fast, Easy Insurance

All Trades Cover is Australia’s fastest-growing trades insurance provider, and we are growing because we are efficient, competitive, easy to deal with and have reliable cover through Australia’s largest insurance group.

Our insurance package is designed specifically for tradies, so when it comes to ensuring that you won’t have any of those nasty industry-specific policy exclusions that you get through some of our competitors you can rest easy.

We take pride in our superior claims service. If something goes wrong, please do not hesitate to contact us. You know you are in capable hands the moment you apply for insurance with us. Insurance does not have to be complicated or daunting. We aim to make it easy and flexible to meet the needs of your business and trade. Let us help you select from our Carpenters Insurance options, including Public Liability.