It sounds like such a stress free job – spending all day pampering pooches to return them fresh as a daisy to their grateful owners. For animal lovers, a dog grooming or washing business is a great option. People are more than willing to spend money to have their precious pets look their best and it can be a profitable business opportunity.

Like with any business, there can be certain risks involved that you need to be aware of. However, with the correct insurance in place, you can go about your business without worrying.

Reducing the Risk to Yourself

Let’s face it, most dogs are sooky and usually would rather lick you than bite you. However, they’re animals and you have no control over how they’re going to react. In the dog grooming or washing industry, you are susceptible to dog bites which can cause serious injury. If you get a serious injury, you may be out of action for some time and if your business is your only source of income this could spell disaster financially.

To make sure you’re covered, you should consider taking out Personal Accident and Illness Insurance. If you’re unable to work after an injury from a dog bite or attack, you will be provided with regular payments so you’re able to keep up with expenses and maintain your lifestyle. These payments will last until you can return to work or a maximum benefit period is reached. This policy gives you peace of mind and ensures you will be able to survive financially if you can’t work for a period of time.

Reducing the Risk to Others

It’s not just the risk to yourself you need to consider. The last thing you would ever intentionally do is harm one of your furry clients but if it happens, you could find yourself lumped with expensive vet bills. No matter how careful you are, dogs are full of energy and it’s easy to accidentally hurt them. Imagine how easily injuries can happen when cutting the fur or clipping the nails of an energetic canine. Also, dogs can react to products that you use on them and you don’t want to have to pay for expensive lotions and potions if a dog reacts to your products after you’ve washed them.

To avoid this situation, Public Liability Insurance is the way to go. It protects you against damage to person or property (which includes dogs!) that has occurred while carrying out your business actions. It means that if you’re found liable for a claim, your insurer will cover the costs of this claim rather than you having to pay out of your own pocket. So those expensive bills will be taken care of!

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