Is Liability Cover a Waste of Time?

What a waste of time and money!!!

Sure seems that way when your paying out year upon year without making a claim. However for most businesses liability insurance for tradesman is the last line of defence in protecting your business and your personal assets in the event of a claim against your business.

In the unlikely event your business has a claim brought against it for damages to property or person, regardless of if you were at fault or not, you may have to defend this claim against you.

All Trades Cover will assist you to protect you in this situation. We do this by providing 3 free of charge services:

  1. Quick cheap and easy liability insurance
  2. A range of cover to suit your requirements
  3. A complimentary contract review service to ensure you are aware of any liabilities you are entering into when you sign a contract.*

Join All Trades Cover today to ensure you have the liability insurance you need to protect your business. Just click on the ‘Get a Quote’ buttons anywhere on our site to get cover now.

All Trades Cover, you’ve gotta have it mate.

See just how cheap business insurance can be, get a quote in seconds.

* only provides advice in relation to the insurance clause/s within your contract.

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