Your home is your castle and your home and contents insurance policy is the cavalry, armed and ready to protect it. But that doesn’t mean it has to cost the world to safeguard your precious piece of earth. If you’re looking to reduce you home and contents insurance policy, here are five ways to help you save.

Amp Up Your Home Security

Think of locks and security as jewellery. The more secure your home is, the more attractive you are as a customer for an insurance provider. Your insurance provider wants to see that you’re serious about the security of your home and that you’re taking efforts to safeguard against burglary and destruction to the best of your ability. The higher your security, the less likely you are to be the victim of this kind of incident, the less your insurance provider assess your policy as a risk. Having good quality locks and security screens on your doors and windows as well as an alarm system in place will help to reduce the cost of your home and contents insurance.

Multiple Policy Discount

Some insurance providers offer a discount for customers who have multiple personal policies with the one provider. If you shop around and roll your business and car insurance over to the same provider as your home and contents insurance, you could get yourself a handsome discount on the same quality cover.

Increase Your Excess

Opt for a higher excess to lower the costs of your home and contents insurance premium. This will mean that you will have to shell out more of your own money if you make a claim before your insurance will kick in. So ensure it’s an amount of money that is realistic and accessible in the unfortunate event of an issue.

Do Your Research Every Year

Many people renew their home and contents insurance policies each and every year with the same provider. The letter comes in the mail and of course it states that if you take no action, your premium will be rolled over again for the next 12 months. And the easiest thing to do is often nothing, because you’ve got enough on your plate already. It also makes you feel loyal and there’s that thing in the back of your mind that says ‘no claim bonus’ and ‘loyalty rewards’. In this situation, especially if you’ve never made a claim, the extra dollars are definitely more worthwhile in your pocket than that of a major insurance provider. Do your research before the renewal is due each year and find the best deal for you.

Online Purchase Discount

Some insurance providers offer a discount when you purchase your home and contents insurance online. That’s even more of a reason to shop around from the comfort of your home!

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