If you install TV antennas for a living as a contractor or sub-contractor, then you’ll need to understand your risks to make sure you’re covered properly for them. So let’s talk about what you could be faced with on the job right here.

What you do can bring risks

If you’re doing any of the following tasks, then you’ll need to consider the associate risks:
• TV antenna installation at residential properties
• TV antenna installation at commercial premises
• Reception TV antenna installation at any other businesses such as retail, cafes, and rural locations
• Rooftop antenna aerial installation

What kind of risks are you looking at?

The fact that you work from heights increases your risk that something could go wrong. Likewise, does working with electricity. Falls from heights, electric shocks, weather exposure, general cuts and slips happen. Thing can fall from heights to damage property below. And the party involved could be anyone from your client, to yourself, to employees and third party property.

How can I make sure I’m covered?

Make sure you’re covered with the right insurances:
1. Public Liability – to cover you against insured events resulting in injury, illness or property damage to third parties
2. Personal Accident and Illness Insurance – to make sure you are covered in case you can’t work for a period of time
3. Tools and Property Cover – in case your most essential items get taken, lost or damaged. You’ll have some support to assist in buying new replacements tools.

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