If you are a professional who provides expert advice or services for your clients, you need to be aware of the importance of professional indemnity insurance

As a tradie, you may think that due to your work being mostly hands-on, you don’t need to worry about professional indemnity. On the contrary, even if you provide free advice and it leads to an incident, you may be liable. Therefore, indemnity insurance is a great way to protect yourself and ensure you are fully covered for any scenario. 

Choosing Professional Indemnity Insurance

Once you decide that professional indemnity insurance is the right choice for you, you still need to figure out how to choose the best option for yourself. At All Trades Cover, we take into consideration your needs and customise the right insurance package for you.

Things to consider when choosing professional indemnity insurance and the right provider:

  • Option to have extra protection
  • Inclusion of errors and omissions insurance
  • What extensions are available to the base cover
  • Different levels of cover offered 
  • Proven record of competent insurance brokers specialising in your field
  • Easy online quote
  • Reputable background of the insurance company
  • Highly rated reviews from satisfied clients

The complexity of Professional Indemnity Insurance

As a general rule, it is challenging to provide a general overview of reasons why tradespeople may require this cover. 

We will give you an example that will make it easier to see why it may be essential for you to secure yourself from unnecessary expenses if there is a claim against you. 

As a carpenter, you may provide your professional opinion to your client regarding something outside of your direct scope of work. If the client takes your advice without seeking professional expertise in that area and suffers a financial loss, you may be facing a legal claim. To avoid this happening, you can consider getting an insurance quote from All Trades Cover now and see what your options are.

How Much Does It Cost?

When it comes to the cost of professional indemnity insurance, it may vary depending on the level of cover you require. Sometimes extra protection is needed, and if you need more comprehensive indemnity insurance, you can speak to one of our insurance brokers. They will be able to discuss higher levels of cover with you.

Some insurance companies are unable to provide personal advice about the level of cover you require and types of insurance you need to consider. At All Trades Cover, we offer professional advice on various types of insurances, including errors and omissions insurance and professional indemnity insurance.

Errors and omissions insurance is designed for individuals who don’t usually provide professional advice. In saying that, you may still incidentally give free advice to one of your clients placing yourself at risk of exposure to an indemnity claim.

All Trades Cover offers easy online quotes with optional coverage packages customised to your needs. We offer friendly, reliable service, and have a proven record of customer satisfaction with our clients.

You can get a quote now from our friendly and professional experts. We also provide various extensions to your chosen package per your requirements.

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John Elliott

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An industry veteran with a vision to revolutionise insurance for tradespeople, John Elliott founded All Trades Cover with a commitment to make insurance easy, efficient, and affordable for tradies across Australia.

With 2 decades of experience and thousands of insured clients nationwide, John’s vision has become a reality. All Trades Cover is now a trusted partner for tradies, offering top-tier coverage at competitive prices. But it’s not just about cost savings.

John’s innovative approach focuses on simplicity and speed without compromisingon quality.

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