If you’re employed as an air-conditioning or heating mechanic, you’ll know that peak season is right around the corner with summer coming. You’ll need to make sure that you’re covered for your greatest risks whilst you’re working. Here, we’ll discuss these risks and which insurance you’ll need to make sure you’re covered.

Who is AC and Heating Mechanic cover for?

When we talk about AC and Heating Mechanic, we are referring to persons that work in:

• Building heating installation
• Air-conditioning installation and maintenance
• Building refrigeration mechanics and repair
• Building heating installation
• Home air conditioning installation and maintenance

What are my greatest risks?

As an AC and heating mechanic you’ll know that your clients will call you when something goes wrong. Problems like refrigeration leaks, electric control failure, sensor problems, poor maintenance, fan issues, and drainage problems can happen at any time. In summer when your clients are using their air-conditioning to the max, these things are more likely to go wrong.

The biggest risks for air conditioner and heating mechanics is the combination of water and condensation with electricity. Electrical shock can happen at any time, to you and your clients or other third parties. People could slip up on wet floors surrounding the unit, and parts may fall down whilst you’re repairing it.

Likewise, during installation, there is a chance that parts or the unit itself could fall, poor installation could lead to issues for the client down the track and third parties could trip up on your cords and equipment. Not to mention if you have employees you’ll need to take into account that they too could become hurt or cause injury to others in their work.

And of course there is also the real threat of theft and damage to your equipment, tools, and systems on the job and from your work vehicle.

How can I protect myself?

There are a number of options for you to cover your risks in your role as an AC and heating mechanic. You’ll need to protect:

• Yourself, in case you get injured or become sick on the job
• Others around you, in case they are injured or become sick from your operations
• Your employees
• Your tools and general property

You can do this with a package of insurance including:

• Public Liability Insurance – to cover you in case a third party is injured or their property is damaged by your actions
• Products Liability Insurance – to cover the work have performed after you’ve left the work site
• Tools and Property Cover – to make sure you can replace your tools quickly if they are stolen, lost or damaged
• Personal Accident Insurance – because self-employed tradies don’t get sick leave, this will help pay you a portion of your income whilst you’re off work
• Workers Compensation Insurance – to make sure you can pay for any claims made by employees who are injured or become sick as result of the work they perform for you

Make sure you’re covered for all of your risks as a AC and heating mechanic. All Trades Cover know what tradesmen need. For your next trades insurance quote, contact All Trades Cover on 1300 826 850 and chat to one of our brokers for easy to understand insurance information. You can get insurance right away so you don’t miss a day.

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