A reality of working as a builder is that you’re required to work at heights and although you’re more than likely used to this, you need to make sure you stay safe to avoid injury. Today we’ll be doing a little refresher about working with ladders, one of the most common pieces of equipment used to work at heights, to help remind you of the safety tips you need to have in the back of your mind whilst on the job.

Safety when using your ladder

Check your ladder
Your faithful old ladder which has been with you since you were an apprentice builder may have sentimental value but it also needs to be safe. Make sure your ladder has no loose, missing or broken parts and is rated for industrial use. Store your ladder safely away from the elements to avoid wear and tear and check it regularly for defects.

Secure your ladder properly
Always put the feet of your ladder on a firm, level, non-slip surface and ensure it’s not on too big of a slope. The top of the ladder should be at least a metre above the landing place for optimal stability. If your ladder is wobbly or precariously balanced, don’t risk climbing.

Safety on the ladder
Have three points of contact when climbing your ladder which means you shouldn’t be carrying anything in your hands – use your work belt for any materials or tools. Face towards the ladder at all times and don’t try to overreach. It goes without saying that you should only have one person at a time on a ladder and be mindful you haven’t put your ladder anywhere risky like in front of a door.

Cover for when accidents happen

No matter how careful you are in your work as a builder, there may come a time when you find yourself unable to work due to a workplace accident. For many builders who are self-employed, being suddenly off work can mean they have no way to earn an income which is where personal accident and illness cover comes in. This form of insurance means that if you’re not able to work due to injury or sickness, you’ll continue to be paid a percentage of your income until you can return to work or until your policy expires. With this cover, you’ll be able to continue to keep up with expenses and maintain your lifestyle until you’re well enough to go back to work.

At All Trades Cover we specialise in providing insurance to tradies including public liability insurance, general property cover, personal accident and illness cover, workers compensation insurance and life insurance. Our focus on tradies means we understand your areas of risk and can help you find a competitive insurance package to suit your needs.

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