Electricians work in a specialised area which requires a high level of skill. While this means that your skills are always sought after, it also means that you face a number of risk exposures. To protect yourself financially while you’re at work, it’s essential that you have public liability insurance in place. Let’s take a closer look at why this form of cover is important for Australian electricians.

What is public liability insurance?

Public liability insurance protects you financially if you cause damage to property or injury to a third party as the result of your actions at work. It also covers legal bills if you need to hire a lawyer during the claims process. Public liability insurance is generally not a legal requirement for electricians but is considered standard cover due to the risk of things going wrong. The exception is if you work as an electrician in Queensland – in that state, it’s compulsory that you have both public liability insurance and consumer protection insurance in place. 

Why is public liability insurance important?

  • Protects you financially

If you’re found liable following a successful liability claim, you could be responsible for a number of expenses including medical bills, rehabilitation costs, repairs and replacements. This can be financially devastating for your business and in many cases, a small business would not be able to pay for a liability claim without the financial protection of public liability insurance.

  • Covers your employees

Public liability insurance doesn’t just cover your own actions – it also covers any employees that you have working for you. You can’t be everywhere at once and there may be times when an employee unexpectedly causes damage or injury. Luckily, they’ll be covered under your policy. Just remember to advise your insurer if you take on new employees so they can be added to your policy.

  • Confidence for employers 

Public liability insurance doesn’t just provide financial peace of mind for you – it also helps potential employers to feel more confident before they take you on. In fact, in many cases a contract with specify that you need to have proof of liability cover in place before they take you on.

  • Allows you to defend a claim

In some cases, a small business may want to defend a public liability insurance as they don’t agree that they are at fault. However, this can be a tough financial decision if you need to pay for the legal bills with your own money. Public liability insurance covers the cost of legal bills to allow you to defend a claim.

All Trades Cover are the experts when it comes to insurance for Australian tradies. We understand that you face a unique set of risks in your day to day work which is why we’ve developed a trade insurance package which is designed to address your risk exposures. Contact our team today for friendly, efficient customer service. 

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