If you need to make an insurance claim, you should be relieved in the first instance that you have insurance in place protecting you. Then it’s time to get down to lodging your claim and there are a few things you can do to make the process run more smoothly so there’s less waiting time for settlement.

Speak to your broker

If you need to make a claim, the first thing you should do is give your insurance broker a call and let them know what’s happened. Don’t wait a few days – always call your broker as soon as possible after the incident. Your broker will ask the right questions and know exactly what the insurer will need to go ahead with the claim. Once the relevant information has been forwarded your broker, they’ll deal directly with the insurer on your behalf.

Take lots of photos

Whether you’re claiming for damage to tools under your general property cover or damage to property under your public liability insurance, you need to take photos of whatever has happened as soon as possible. The insurer will want to see photos of any damage so get out your camera or smartphone and get snapping as soon as the incident occurs.

Get quotes lined up

If you’re submitting a claim for damage which will need to be repaired, be prepared for the fact that you’ll most likely need to get two or three quotes for the cost of repairs. Although you should speak to your broker first, as soon as any damage occurs it’s a good idea to have a think about local businesses that would be able to arrange quotes for you. That means that as soon as you get the go ahead, you can organise your quotes quickly.

Keep proof of purchase

Keeping proof of purchase is important for policies such general property cover when it comes to making a claim. Always keep receipts for items such as tools so they’re on hand if you need to claim. If you don’t have receipts for all items, take a few minutes to photograph your gear as this can also be used as a proof of ownership down the track. The last thing you need is to run into problems because you can’t prove lost or stolen items belonged to you.

If you keep in mind what evidence you’ll likely need to provide at claim time, you’ll find the process runs much more smoothly. In some instances, claims can be settled by the insurer within 24 hours if all the correct paperwork has been submitted.
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