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No matter what trade you specialise in, you would be wise to consider carrying public liability insurance. And no matter how careful or how well-trained you are, accidents can and do happen on job sites. So, for the sake of protecting yourself and your livelihood, it is always recommended to get public liability cover. How much is public liability insurance for tradies? Read on to find out.

How Much is Public Liability Insurance? 

One of the first questions we hear from tradies interested in public liability cover is usually, “how much is public liability insurance?” The average public liability insurance cost is $30-$60 per month. However, there are a number of factors that impact your insurance premiums. 




Average Premium



$5 million




$5 million




$10 million


Electrician (QLD)


$5 million




$20 million


Electrician (QLD)


$5 million




$10 million


Plumber (VIC)


$5 million


Plumber (VIC)


$20 million


5 Factors That Affect the Cost:

  • The size of the business

The number of employees makes a difference in prices. It is all about the likelihood of a mishap; for instance, if you have two employees and are operating your landscaping company at any given time, three incidents can happen. If your business grows to a dozen employees, you can expect your insurance cost to increase because the probability of an accident increases. 

  • The nature of your business

Insurance companies will work out the price of your cover based on how hazardous your jobs typically are. If you are someone who is primarily working in your shop, you may have a low premium based on risk. However, if you repair boilers or work on scaffolding, your business is higher risk, meaning your price will be higher. 

  • Business location

Where your business operates impacts your public liability costs. This is similar to how your home or car insurance is calculated. For example, suppose you work in areas with well-documented natural disasters. In that case, your company will pay more than a business located in a location that rarely sees inclement weather. The same is true for higher crime areas and the overall claims history of the area.  

Please note: Certain worksite locations will disqualify tradies from public liability insurance. These include airports, marine ports, mine sites, power plants, and railway stations. These exclusions do not mean tradies who work in these areas cannot get public liability insurance cover. You will need to get your coverage by working with a specialist insurance company.  

  • Use of subcontractors

The amount of profits paid for subcontractor use may impact the price of your public liability cover. This varies from one insurance company to another. However, if 20 per cent or more of your revenue goes to subbies, you will likely see a higher premium. 

  • Policy size

As with other types of insurance, the maximum level of cover impacts the cost of your premium. There are three options for the amount of cover you can get; $5 million, $10 million, or $20 million. Because the five million dollar level has the lowest payout, it also costs less than the policies that will pay up to ten or 20 million dollars per incident.  

Does using an insurance broker affect the cost of public liability insurance?

When you’re thinking about getting business insurance, you might wonder if it’s a good idea to get help from a broker like us. You might think that using a broker could make the insurance cost more because they must be making money somehow, right? But actually, it’s the opposite. A good insurance broker can actually help you pay less for your public liability insurance.

How does that work? Well, these brokers know the insurance market really well. They know exactly which companies to talk to when they’re looking for the best deals. You might check a couple of websites for quotes, but a broker can get quotes from lots of different insurance companies.

Some brokers are also able to get lower prices because they buy a bunch of insurance policies from the same company. Think of it like buying in bulk – it often gets you a better deal. You might be just one person buying insurance, but a broker could be buying insurance for lots of people, which can lead to better prices.

Also, some insurance companies only work with brokers. So, a broker might be able to get you a great deal with a company that doesn’t usually sell to individuals like you.

Apart from the money part, a broker can also use their experience to understand your business better. They might find other ways you could save money on insurance.

So, don’t think that using an insurance broker (a good one, of course) will cost you more. In our case, we often find that we can get our clients better prices than they could get on their own. It’s like having a helpful friend who knows a lot about insurance!

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What does a public liability insurance policy cover?   

A public liability policy covers financial losses when your business activities or employees cause property damage or injure a third party.  

I am a subbie; do I need public liability cover? 

The majority of companies require their subcontractors (as well as everyone working on the site) to have a public liability policy. 

Why is public liability coverage essential for me? I work on small jobs.

No matter the size of the job, the element of risk is present. You should have a public liability policy in place to protect your livelihood. 

How much public liability cover do tradies need?  

There is no specific amount of coverage all tradies should have. The specifics of your job sites help to dictate how much public liability insurance you need

Is there a standard public liability insurance cost? 

Your public liability cost is individually calculated. This practice ensures you will only pay for what you need and that your price is determined fairly. 

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