We know that bricklayers work in a variety of conditions every day, from changes in locations to changes in weather, changes in teams and changes in projects. Pretty much anything can go wrong on a work site and it’s important to make sure your risks are covered by the right insurance and that you’re putting risk prevention methods in place.

What are my risks as a bricklayer?

• You perform work that is faulty or doesn’t adhere to building specifications
• Your work results in property damage to third party property
• Your actions result in injury or illness to others
• You work on a site that has third parties on it, near it, and working on it
• You have employees that perform work you also
• Physical injuries from power tools and sharp equipment, from lifting, bending, stooping, or falling
• Theft of property, tools, and equipment from your premises or vehicle

How to prevent the risks?

• Make sure you’re using high quality products and sticking to specifications and plans
• Take appropriate safety measures with all of your actions on work sites, such as wearing hard hats and enclosed shoes, as well as erecting signage when needed
• Make sure your employees are not under too much time pressure, they are trained well, and they are aware of new risks on new work sites
• Ensure you have Workers Compensation Insurance in place if you have employees
• Implement OH&S procedures
• Be aware of hazards such as ladders, falling objects, sharp objects, or vehicles in your vicinity of work
• Ensure you have a secure vehicle and storage facility for your work tools and stock. Lock your car, don’t leave tools unattended, and make sure you’ve got insurance for them

The Master Builders Association is a great website for bricklayers and builders that can help you with some resources for your industry. You’ll find they have training information, building codes, industrial advice, and legal services available to you.

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