As a roofing contractor, you’re responsible for replacing, repairing and installing the roofs of buildings using a variety of materials. Your skills tend to be particularly in demand over the winter months when damage to roofs caused by storm damage is frequent. The risky nature of your work means that you need to make sure that you have the right insurance protection in place. Today, we’ll be looking at the benefits of ensuring that you have roofing contractor insurance in place.

  • Protects your risk exposures

Roofing contractors face a number of risks in their daily work. Firstly, your work requires you to work at heights which carries risks that you may be injured and unable to work for a period of time. There is also the risk that you may cause damage to property or injury to another person while you’re carrying out your work. 

  • Financial peace of mind

Running your own business as a roofing contractor means that you’re able to hold onto the profits rather than them going to an employer. However, this also means it would be difficult for your business to cope if you’re hit with an expensive claim. Having insurance in place means that you have peace of mind that you and your business are protected financially. 

  • Offers protection if you can’t work

Many roofing contractors are self-employed which means that you don’t have an income if you’re unable to work. Personal accident and illness insurance means that if you can’t work due to injury or illness, you’ll still receive a portion of your regular income. This allows you to recover while also being able to maintain regular payments, such as your rent or mortgage. 

  • Fulfils contractual obligations 

In many cases, employers will expect you have insurance cover in place and this may be a specific condition of any contract. This is especially the case with public liability insurance as there is a basic expectation that you’ll have this policy and you won’t be able to enter many worksites without it.

  • Covers your tools and equipment

Insurance doesn’t just protect you – it also protects your tools and equipment. General property insurance means that your transportable items are covered if they’re lost, damaged or stolen. This means that you don’t need to use your own money on expensive repairs or replacements if something happens to your gear. 

All Trades Cover are committed to providing quality insurance to Australian tradies at a competitive price. We’re partnered with Australia’s largest insurer to ensure that we can deliver insurance which is specifically targeted to meet the needs of tradies. Our team of insurance brokers understand the unique risks of your line of work and we’re available to answer any questions you may have.
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John Elliott

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An industry veteran with a vision to revolutionise insurance for tradespeople, John Elliott founded All Trades Cover with a commitment to make insurance easy, efficient, and affordable for tradies across Australia.

With 2 decades of experience and thousands of insured clients nationwide, John’s vision has become a reality. All Trades Cover is now a trusted partner for tradies, offering top-tier coverage at competitive prices. But it’s not just about cost savings.

John’s innovative approach focuses on simplicity and speed without compromisingon quality.

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