Something many businesses struggle with at the start is pushing forward and breaking through the next ceiling to grow. When your businesses is in its growth period it is important not to lose contact with your current business plan, your current business projects, and not to lose connection with your staff. Some of us are born to do it, whilst others struggle. Find out how to keep the balance, grow, not lose sight of management and structure, and launch your tradie business to success right here with 4 methods.

Collate your resources

Actually do this. Whilst you are busy rushing about doing your work, take a second here and there to file away interesting emails, links, documents, ideas and inspiration. Then at a set time each week, perhaps on a Friday afternoon – open up your resources and spend a couple of hours reading them. This will help you gain fresh perspective, stay inspired and motivate you to act on new ideas.


Like you will dedicate time to reading, also try to spend an hour or so alone, potentially with a pen and paper, to think. Think about your business, how it is going, where it can go, are there any threats, and what can you work on. Then you can make a plan to attack anything weakening your business and build on your strengths.

Get some support

Talk to people that inspire you. You might already have someone that you see as a mentor, or perhaps you want to reach out to someone and grab a coffee to pick their brain. In our experience the best mentors always respond and will make time to help others trying to achieve success. It can help to bounce your ideas off someone, gain feedback, and get fresh perspective.

Get outside help

Don’t fancy accounting or admin? Perhaps you hate sales or prefer to manage the workloads instead? You can easily outsource some tasks to free up hours to spend growing the business. You can find a freelancer, or virtual assistant to these cheap. But always test them first on a small project so that you know you can rely on them.

Many business owners find themselves bogged down with the everyday operations such as emails, admin, and the actual job itself that they have very little time to take a step back and work on how the business is progressing. The fact is if you can’t stop to set new goals, brainstorm, innovate, or work out better ways of doing things you’ll end up stuck doing the tasks at hand and not getting anywhere. It’s important to work on the potential of your business.

And of course if you need some insurance for your tradie business we are here to help. We can do the running around for you and save you time (and money) better spent elsewhere. Contact All Trades Cover on 1300 826 850 today and we’d be happy to have a chat about your situation. You can also fill in our online form to get the ball rolling for a quote.

John Elliott

John Elliott

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An industry veteran with a vision to revolutionise insurance for tradespeople, John Elliott founded All Trades Cover with a commitment to make insurance easy, efficient, and affordable for tradies across Australia.

With 2 decades of experience and thousands of insured clients nationwide, John’s vision has become a reality. All Trades Cover is now a trusted partner for tradies, offering top-tier coverage at competitive prices. But it’s not just about cost savings.

John’s innovative approach focuses on simplicity and speed without compromisingon quality.

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