Nailing your online marketing isn’t too hard, you just need to be consistent and know a few easy facts. You can market your tradie business online and get results in the form of leads by using a few of our best tips. Some of the marketing is also free so it won’t cost you a cent apart from a bit of time. Here is how to help yourself online:

1. Set up social media for free

By setting up a social media page for your business you can have a public presence that people can interact with and find. You can let your friends and family know all about what you do, how you do it, and what is so great about your business. Stay in the forefront of people’s minds by posting regularly and posting helpful content for them. So when it comes time to hire a tradie – you’re it! Think about Facebook, Google+, or Twitter for tradies. You can also add a few dollars here and there to boost posts and do some advertising if you want to.

2. Get yourself found online

Make sure that your business comes up first in your area when a potential client types a query into Google. To do this you can pay for it through Google AdWords or you can try some SEO to reach it organically. Either one of these options might need a professional to take a look. They can check out your site and let you know what you need to do to optimise it for search, or they can do it for you.
You can also look at getting a business blog up and running on your website to create more content. This will enhance your SEO rankings as you’ll be providing more answers to questions people are looking for, and it’s also helpful and something you can share over your social media.

3. Get testimonials for free

Whilst you are online, flick an email to your clients asking for a quick review on Facebook, Google+ or via email for your website. This looks great, adds to SEO, and also adds to your credibility for future clients.

4. Try directories for free

You’ll find many people advertising their services online via Gumtree, Craigslist or Reddit. To get more leads just pop up a friendly ad and see how you go! The more exposure you get the better.

5. Flog a deal

A great way to get some interest in your business is to offer a deal to your clients. You could tell your existing customers they will get a certain percentage off their next service if they refer you a client. This can help build great relationships with clients plus get you more work. Or any other deal you’d like to offer. This isn’t limited to online either and will work via word of mouth also.

Hopefully by implementing a few online tactics you can help you get a few extra leads through when work slows down. By maximising what you can for free you can gain some traction and keep a steady stream of income.

John Elliott

John Elliott

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An industry veteran with a vision to revolutionise insurance for tradespeople, John Elliott founded All Trades Cover with a commitment to make insurance easy, efficient, and affordable for tradies across Australia.

With 2 decades of experience and thousands of insured clients nationwide, John’s vision has become a reality. All Trades Cover is now a trusted partner for tradies, offering top-tier coverage at competitive prices. But it’s not just about cost savings.

John’s innovative approach focuses on simplicity and speed without compromisingon quality.

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