Workers’ Compensation – Queensland

All Trades Cover can not arrange Workers Compensation Insurance in Queensland. It is run by the local government through WorkCover.

Any business in Queensland which employes workers is required to take cover for these workers through WorkCover Queensland and you it is not an option to self insure by paying any of your own claim costs in Queensland.

Regardless of how many people you employ or even if it’s only a short term employee there is no minimum wage before you must take cover in Queensland. Should your employee meet the definition of a worker, then withing 5 days you MUST take cover for the employee through WorkCover and penalties may apply if you do not meet these obligations.

It is possible to take the cover before you employ anyone, just as long as you have all the required information in order to do so.

The accident insurance policy provided by WorkCover Queensland insures you against all statutory and damages claim costs in the event of a work-related injury to your workers. There is no limitations or restrictions on the amounts you can claim on this policy.

Should you wish to find out more information on the cover or should you wish to take out cover immediately then the link below will take you straight to the WorkCover Queensland Website.

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