Workers’ Compensation – Northern Territory

In the Northern Territory All Trades Cover can assist you with the placement of your workers’ compensation Insurance. The system in NT is somewhat different to other states (some would argue more straight forward and simpler to understand) as employers in the Northern Territory only have to arrange a workers compensation policy if they employ a person who provides work or service for the employer. Should the worker supply an Australian Business Number (ABN) in writing to the employer then there is no workers compensation policy required for this person.

As in each state there are obligations for the employer to retrain and assist an injured worker back into the work force.

The employers responsibility includes:

  • Ensure workers receive adequate information, direction and training in the work that the worker is required to perform.
  • Enable the worker to perform the work without risk to the health and safety of the worker, or any other person.
  • Ensure that workplace infrastructure or equipment, and workplace materials are maintained in a safe condition.
  • Ensure the safe handling, packaging, storage and transport of chemicals such as dangerous goods and other harmful materials.
  • Providing adequate facilities that can be accessed by your workers while at work (such as clean and hygienic toilets and eating areas).

For more information visit the NTWorkSafe website.

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