Workers Compensation Insurance

What is workers compensation insurance?

Workers compensation insurance provides financial reimbursement to employers for payments associated with an employee’s successful workers compensation claim. This can include wages, as well as additional costs associated with rehabilitation, treatment and medical expenses. A workers compensation claim can result from a workplace related injury or illness.

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Is workers compensation insurance compulsory?

Yes, workers compensation insurance is compulsory in every state and territory in Australia if you’re an employer with employees. The state and territory governments regulates their own workers compensation schemes and they’re administered differently depending on where you live.

If you live in Western Australia, Northern Territory, Tasmania or the ACT, workers compensation is handled privately through an insurer. In NSW, South Australia and Victoria, insurers act on behalf of the government authority. Finally, in Queensland the scheme is operated solely by the government.

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Why is workers compensation insurance important?

Workers compensation insurance is compulsory for a reason – it gives peace mind to both employees and employers. Having workers compensation insurance in place means that employers can be confident that they won’t need to shoulder the financial burden following a successful claim and employees can be confident that they’ll continue to receive the payments that they’re entitled to. With workers compensation insurance, your employer will have the financial support to get back to work sooner.

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