Public Liability Insurance

What Is Public Liability Insurance?

Are you prepared for when things go wrong? Public Liability Insurance provides tradies with financial protection if you cause damage to property or injury to a person as a result of your actions at work. Not only does liability insurance cover the cost of damages, it also covers legal costs associated with a claim.

Tradies work in a high risk occupation where, unfortunately, there is a lot that can go wrong. Public Liability Insurance protects you from the risks you face in your day to day work and without this cover in place, you could be liable for huge financial costs. Don’t take the risk – make sure you’re protected. At All Trades Cover, we provide high quality Public Liability Insurance Australia wide at a competitive price.

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Do you need Public Liability cover?

Public Liability Insurance is important for all tradies who are self-employed or working as subcontractors or contractors. Basically, if you’re not under a direct employer then you’re exposed to risk which need to be covered by Public Liability Insurance. This cover offers you peace of mind on the job and allows you protect yourself, your business and your assets. If you cause damage or injury, you could be liable for financial damages related to medical bills, rehabilitation costs, repairs and replacements, and legal bills.

While Public Liability Insurance isn’t a legal requirement, there are licencing requirements for some tradies which requires you to have this policy in place. In these instances, you won’t be able to apply for or renew licence without proof the correct cover is in place. Even if you don’t have licencing requirements, many worksites won’t let you onsite without proof of liability cover.

How much does Public Liability Insurance Cost?

Public Liability Insurance is one of the most common forms of cover for tradies and it’s generally very affordable, particularly when you have access to flexible payment options. As with most types of insurance, the Public Liability Insurance cost will be determined by the potential risk that you pose. If your business activities are considered higher risk you will be charged a higher premium, and if you are considered lower risk you will pay a lower premium.

There are a number of factors that are considered when it comes to assessing your level of risk including the type of work you do, the location of your work, the size of your business and the number of employees you have. Your premiums will also depend on the level of
cover you require. Remember to update your insurance broker with any changes in circumstances so your cover can be amended as necessary.

With All Trades Cover, you can get an obligation free Public Liability Insurance quote. We provide limits of $5, $10 or $20 million on public and product liability cover.

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