Property and Tools Cover

What is Tool Cover?

Are your tools insured? If not, you need to get it sorted! Tools cover, otherwise known as general property insurance, protects your transportable items if they’re lost, damaged or stolen. For tradies who reply on their tools to help carry out their daily work, personal tool insurance is particularly important. Without tools of the trade cover in place, you could find yourself in serious debt if something happens to your tools.

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Property & Tools Cover Insurance

Why is Tool Cover important?

For tradies, it’s pretty obvious why you need to have your tools covered. A lot of tradies carry around thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment every day and if something happened to it, repairs and replacements have the potential to be very expensive. General property insurance means that you’re protected financially so you can have your tools replaced easily to allow you to get back to work faster.

Although larger power tools tend to be the items that tradies think about with tools of the trade cover, even a collection of smaller tools can really add up if they’re stolen. Don’t take the risk!

What does All Trades Cover offer?

Here at All Trades Cover, tools cover is included in our trade insurance package to ensure that all of our tradies are protected. Depending on the amount of tools you have, you can select your sum insured from a minimum of $5,000 and you can claim up to $5,000 per item at claim time. We offer accidental damage cover and on-site overnight cover for the theft of tools if there’s evidence of forcible entry.

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