Workers’ Compensation – Western Australia

The rates for Workers Compensation Insurance in Western Australia are set by Work Cover as a recommended rate for each occupation class. At All Trades Cover we have negotiated a set of discounts for trades that are amongst the best in the state.

In Western Australia you can purchase Workers Compensation Insurance from a number of approved insurers. Western Australia is governed by the Workers Compensation and Injury Management Act (1981) which states you must provide workers’ compensation for anyone defines as a ‘worker’ under the legislation which you employ, including cover for claims at common law.

What is Workers' Compensation Insurance?

Under WA’s ‘no-fault’ workers compensation system, employers are liable to pay statutory compensation costs for an injured worker regardless of who was at fault.

Workers’ compensation insurance indemnifies employers against this liability – that is, costs and expenses arising from a workers’ compensation claim are paid by the insurer.

Why do you need it?

As well as being a compulsory requirement under the Act, having insurance coverage for workers’ compensation can protect your business from the financial and operational impact of workers’ compensation claims.

In the event of a work-related injury, your insurance policy provides coverage of:

  • statutory workers’ compensation entitlements due to an injured worker; and
  • legal costs, court fees and damages in the event that a common law claim is brought against you by an injured worker Your insurer will also be able to assist you in the management and administration of claims by:
    • advising you on correct claims procedures
    • estimating the cost of claims
  • participating in the injury management process at your request, including facilitating communication between the treating medical practitioner and yourself
  • assisting with return to work programs and identification of claims which may require workplace rehabilitation; and
  • representing you through the conciliation and arbitration process when disputes occur.

Who do you need to cover?

A business must provide workers’ compensation insurance cover for anyone it employs who fits the definition of a worker under section 5 of the Act. This includes:

  • full-time workers on a wage or salary
  • part-time, casual and seasonal workers
  • workers on commission
  • piece workers and in some circumstances:
    • contractors and sub-contractors
    • working directors

Covering Contractors and Sub-Contractors

It is important to accurately determine your insurance obligations with regard to contractors and subcontractors as two or more parties may be jointly liable for insuring the workers employed to undertake a contracted task.
For example, in a contractual chain involving an employer (the principal), a contractor and a sub-contractor, each party must have a valid workers’ compensation policy covering any workers the sub-contractor may employ.

The WorkCover WA publication A technical note on Contractors and Workers’ Compensation may assist you in clarifying your legal obligations in relation to contractors and subcontractors

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