Are your tools insured? To complete your work properly, you more than likely have a set of tools that you rely on to perform your best work and we know what these tools are worth to you and your business. All Trades Cover offers Tools of Trade cover that will insure your tools with no individual item limit. We have been looking after the trade and construction industry for over 20 years so you can trust All Trades Cover with all of your insurance needs.

Without tools it’s pretty hard to earn a crust

Tool Cover or General Property Insurance is an essential for most tradesmen. It covers your tools and equipment for Accidental Damage and Theft from a locked vehicle or premises.

Item Limit Explained in Plain English

A lot of other insurers will have an item limit on this insurance, not us. You just select your sum insured and you are covered up to that amount. An example is below:

You insure $6,000 worth of unspecified tools and you have the following:

  • Air Compressor – $2,000
  • Power tool 1 – $1500
  • Power tool 2 – $750
  • Various Items in tool box – $750
  • Tool Box – $500

Total $5,500

Other Insurers

Insurer A has a $1,000 item limit – therefore you can only claim up to $1,000 per item.

Total Claimable $4,000

The All Trades Cover Difference

All Trades Cover has no limit therefore you can claim up to a maximum of your sum insured any one claim.

Total Claimable $5,500

As you can see, what is a small technicality in a policy wording can potentially cost you quite a lot!

Having the right insurance however does not mean you have to pay an arm and a leg. Not only is our insurance for tools one of Australia’s best, its also one of Australia’s cheapest. With cover starting from as little as $50 we have cover for anyone’s budget.

Get a quote now to find out how cheap and easy insuring your tools can be.

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