So you organised to wrap your work vehicle – Congratulations on driving in and taking charge of promoting your business! We have compiled some helpful tips for you for after your vehicle is wrapped and ready to go. Trust us, we have had some great success with our cars and whoever is driving either of our All Trades Cover Jeeps is constantly approached for more information about the company.

All Trades Cover top tips to make your work vehicle work for you

  1. Make sure your company name, product, website, and phone number are very clearly displayed so people know what you do straight away and can contact you. If they miss it they need to know what to Google so make sure it’s very clear.
  2. Stand out. Draw attention with your graphics, contrasting and bright colours, and get some add-ons for your car to make it stand out. Make sure it is eye-popping and make people turn to check it out when you drive by.
  3. Be unique. Give people that reason to turn their heads and look at your car. Of course, without crashing their own cars in the process!
  4. Be a good representative. Make sure you don’t do anything crazy and ensure you drive cautiously. Be aware you are representing your company when you drive the promo car.
  5. Keep plenty of brochures or business cards in the car. We find that potential customers are always approaching the car to find out more information about All Trades Cover.
  6. Get creative. Drive your car to events and park creatively to make sure you get attention and maximum exposure. By creative we mean park in front of sports stadiums, out the front of work sites, or wherever is a high volume for pedestrian or vehicle traffic.
  7. Keep appearances. Make sure the car is always in immaculate condition. You want the vehicle to represent who you are and what your company stands for. A neat and clean promotional vehicle is a better presentation for your brand.
  8. Modify your car if you can. If you get some extra work done to the car to spruce it up as well as the wrapping, you can try to get the vehicle into the industry, 4WD, or street car magazines. Why not? If your car is unique enough, it might even get noticed by the local paper, magazines, or get written about in online articles (like this one).

The All Trades Jeep had recent success and caused controversy at the Perth Tradie Expo. We parked our two All Trades Cover Jeeps at either side of the car park entrance so no one missed the branding. Needless to say the exhibitors were not impressed when many people flocked to us for more information!

You can follow what our All Trades Cover Jeeps are up to on our Facebook Page. If you would like to find out more about wrapping your car, we used Go Graphics for the design and Jeep Kraft for our additions. And of course, if you are interested in contacting All Trades Cover for an insurance quote, you can hop online and do that, or give us a call on 1300 826 850 to speak to a real person. And be sure to let us know your work vehicle wrapping success stories, we would love to hear them!

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