There’s no doubt that as a tradie, you’re skilled at what you do and offer a valuable service to the community. But how good are you at marketing your business so people know who you are and what you offer? Today we’ll discuss some of the mistakes that tradies make when it comes to their marketing so hopefully you can make some positive changes and get more business.

What Are The Worst Marketing Mistakes?

  • Avoiding marketing altogether – Some tradies make the mistake of thinking that word of mouth will be enough and they don’t have to do any marketing at all. Although this might keep some business coming, marketing is essential so you can compete with other businesses offering a similar service. It also helps you grow your business more effectively as it adds professionalism to your service. Don’t bury your head in the sand when it comes to marketing because it could be a bad move in the long run.
  • Forgetting to update your website or social media – A lot of tradies find they have an initial flash of inspiration and are enthusiastic about the initial set up of a website or social media for their business. However, don’t get complacent once everything is set up and just leave the website and social media after the first couple of months. Nothing is more off putting than a business website which hasn’t been updated in months or a Facebook page which hasn’t had anything added to it. Be vigilant about adding photos, testimonials and blog articles to keep your digital marketing fresh and up to date.
  • Amateur looking digital marketing and advertising material – If you’re not confident setting up your social media, website and printing your advertising material, think about passing the job on to someone else. You want your business to come across as professional and it can be hard to achieve this if your website is amateur looking and difficult to navigate. Ask friends or family to help you out or hire a professional to get you going – it can be well worth it.
  • Not asking for feedback – If you’ve done a great job for someone and you can tell they’re pleased, don’t be shy about asking them to pop some feedback on your website or social media. This will take give minutes and most people will be happy to do it. Testimonials are essential because potential clients pay close attention to what others are saying about your business.

Watch Your Business Grow

If you’re clever with your marketing, you will hopefully see the results as work increases and your business has greater visibility. Don’t forget to keep your insurance up to date so that you’re protected financially as your business grows!

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