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Is Liability Cover a Waste of Time?

What a waste of time and money!!! Sure seems that way when your paying out year upon year without making a claim. However for most businesses liability insurance for tradesman is the last line of defence in protecting your business and your personal assets in the event of a claim against your business. In the unlikely event your business has…

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Low Cost Marketing for Tradies

Whether you are a well-established tradie or you have just started your business, if you want to grow, you need to get your message out there to new potential clients. There are some easy steps to ensure that you are utilising all the free and low-cost marketing options in order to increase the amount of quoting opportunities you receive. Get…

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What’s the point of Public Liability Insurance?

Many tradies get public liability insurance because their worksite, or contract requires them to provide a Certificate of Insurance (or confirmation of insurance), but other than just to provide them with the Certificate, is there a point in getting the cover? When something goes wrong on site or in a job, there is generally someone who loses out financially. It’s…

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Saving Money on Insurance – the Do’s and the Don’ts

After the Queensland floods it became very apparent that cutting corners on insurance trying to save a few dollars can be very costly, but with so many policies out there how can you select the right policy and coverage to suit your needs. Insuring your business is important, insuring your cover is adequate is essential. Many businesses and individuals find…

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Third Line Forcing – What is it? What are my Rights?

Third Line Forcing When a company or franchisor forces one of their contractors or franchisee to use a financial product or service this is known as Third Line Forcing and is illegal. A company or a franchisor may require that you have adequate insurance protection to a certain standard, however, they can not enforce who that cover is with. As…

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