Handymen carry out a variety of odd jobs around a property and can work in different situations on many different work sites each and every day. Whether you’re installing a new shower screen, fixing a flyscreen door, painting a bedroom or patching a ceiling it’s important to have quality handyman insurance to protect your business and keep you being handy.

Public liability insurance

Regardless of whether you work as part of a franchise or operate your own handyman business, whether you’re licenced, have received formal training or just happen to have an extensive working knowledge and experience in all things home-handy related, you’ll need to have public liability insurance to cover the property maintenance work you carry out.

Handyman public liability insurance is the most common form of insurance you’ll need. Because of the variety of tasks you’ll carry out each day at a number or residential or commercial properties, you need to make sure you’re covered should any accidents occur while you’re on the job. And accidents do happen in your industry, but they don’t have to be the end of the world. Public liability insurance covers you against damages to third party property or injury to a third party.

If for instance, a paint tin gets falls and damages a client’s rug or a ladder gets knocked into a window or damages a wall the client’s child trips over one of your cords and breaks an arm – you could be liable for the costs to repair or replace the property or the medical costs for the child. Any of these could be an out of pocket expense you really could live without.

Ensuring you have property maintenance insurance for public liability will help you handle incidents like these with ease and ensure you can get back to work without a financial burden hanging over you.

Insure your tools

Without your tools, you’re not a very handy person to have around. You can’t mow a lawn without your mower or install a dead bolt without your drill and screw drivers. Most jobs you do require several tools in order to fix the problem. Your tools are just as important to your business as you are, without them you’re just some very hand advice. Think about the cost of all the tools you have in your work van. With the variety of your work, you’ve got a lot of them and if they got stolen and you had to replace them for instance, you’d be looking at a pretty hefty figure. Now that wouldn’t be handy at all. Having a property and tools insurance policy means you can get back to work without the stress, covering you for accidental damage, loss and theft of your tools and business property.

All Trades Cover can help you get your handyman insurances sorted. They’re experts in insurance specifically for tradespeople and they know how to get you a great rate, fast. So contact All Trades Cover today on 1300 826 850 to ensure your property maintenance business continues without a hitch.

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