As a tradie, you need to make sure you have the right insurance cover in place to protect you if things go wrong. One of the most widely used forms of insurance is public liability cover and is generally essential for tradies. Before you go ahead and take out your policy, it’s important to understand what your public liability covers and why it’s so important to have in place.

What does public liability include?

Public liability insurance is essential for tradies as it protects you financially against the cost of a claim if your found liable after property damage or injury to a third party. If you’re found liable and are required to pay damages, your public liability will cover the costs for you rather than you having to use your own money. Even a fairly minor incident can result in a claim for damages and can result in you needing to provide a significant amount of money. Unfortunately, tradies are particularly vulnerable to public liability claims because of the higher risk area that they work in. With public liability, you are covered up to amount you’ve been insured for which is generally $5 million, $10 million or $20 million.

Remember, the costs from damages can be substantial as you may be required to pay for rehabilitation, medical bills, repairs, replacements and any number of other costs. These costs can easily run into the thousands of dollars or even hundreds of thousands if you work in a high risk area.

Some tradies may find that even if a claim for damages from a third party is unsuccessful, you may be out of pocket due to legal bills if you’ve sought legal advice or representation. Luckily, public liability will also cover the cost of these legal bills.

What doesn’t public liability include?

It’s also important to know what your public liability won’t include so you’re not caught out down the track. The first thing to remember is that public liability only covers you and your employees for damage that’s actually done at work. If you damage something or injure someone outside of work hours, you can’t claim on your public liability.

Your policy doesn’t provide cover if the damage or injury happens to you or your employees. It only covers a separate third party. Your public liability also won’t cover you for any unlawful activity or if the damage has been done deliberately.

If you want to find out some more information about public liability, the easiest thing to do is to have a chat to your insurance broker and they will be able to help. At All Trades Cover, we provide services only to tradies which means we understand your specific requirements.

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