We’ve all seen it. Cars straddling the lines in parking bays. People parked so close behind another car that they’re effectively trapped. Huge cars squeezing themselves next to you so you can’t get out. Yes, bad parking can be seen everywhere and it’s so prevalent that there is a whole Facebook page dedicated to Perth’s Crap Parkers!

Before you pass judgement, remember there would have been times when you did a dodgy park or found parallel parking a challenge. So before you park your work vehicle, have a look at these helpful hints to stop you ending up being publicly shamed on social media.

Tips to Help You Park Properly

  • Know your limits – If you are a horrible parallel parker and never quite get it right, it might be time to admit defeat rather than holding everyone up while you have your fifth try. The same goes for reverse parking – some people just don’t have it. Unless you’re desperate, find a park that better suits your skill level so you don’t need to hold everyone up!
  • Don’t block people in – If you have a massive ute, don’t be rude and box people in. Squeezing yourself between already parked cars not only leaves you open to damaging the other cars but also means that people will struggle to get into their vehicles. Remember, people might have babies or other considerations which means they need more space. Be considerate – if it’s too tight, park somewhere else.
  • Don’t invent car parks – Everybody hates this. If there are no parks available, cut your losses and find another car park. Don’t be the person who parks in emergency bays, loading zones or just plonks themselves at the end of the row. This makes it very difficult for people to try and get in and out.
  • Be patient – If someone is clearly waiting for a car park with their indicator on, don’t zip in front of them just to get the park. It’s just plain rude and everybody needs to wait their turn.
  • Pay attention to the lines – Close enough is often not good enough. Stay within the lines and correct yourself if you’re wonky. If you don’t park straight or straddle the lines, people will have difficulty parking next to you.
  • Follow the rules – There is nothing worse than seeing someone parked in a disabled or elderly bay when they shouldn’t be there. Don’t do it. These car parks are put aside for a reason so expect disapproving glares, or even fines, if you can’t be bothered finding a proper park for yourself.

Protect Yourself From Bad Parking

If you constantly park badly with little attention, chances are that it’s only a matter of time before you damage your own car or someone else’s. Even if you’re a good parker, you can’t control the actions of other people and you may find dings or scratches on your car from someone else being careless. Protect yourself against any damage by having comprehensive car insurance in place.

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