The insurance industry is stronger than ever and there are numerous companies who offer insurance to Australian businesses. Due to the sheer number of insurance companies, it can be quite overwhelming at times when it comes to choosing your insurer.

To help you out, we’ll provide some information on some of the main insurance companies in Australia. Remember, when it comes to choosing insurance, it’s best to speak to your insurance broker because they have in depth knowledge of the various insurance companies and can choose the best option for you.


Allianz is the fourth largest insurer in Australia and has over 2 million policy holders, with both business and commercial policies.

Allianz is a German company and operates out of 70 countries with over 78 million policy holders worldwide. They have 3,300 staff in Australia and New Zealand and have 150,000 people working for Allianz world wide.

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CGU have been offering insurance to Australians for over 160 years and is a leading commercial, rural and personal insurer. CGU manages around 350,000 claims per year.

CGU distribute their insurance products through a network of more than 1,000 brokers, agents and financial institutions. CGU have a special focus on business insurance. In 2002, CGU was purchased by Insurance Australia Group.

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QBE has been providing insurance in Australian and overseas for over 125 years. It’s one of the world’s top 20 insurance companies and they employ more than 17,000 people in 43 countries.

QBE have over 30 offices around Australia and have a range of insurance products, from business insurance to personal insurance.

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Vero is a main provider of business insurance in Australia and provide insurance to 35% of Australian’s 500 top companies. Vero don’t deal directly with the public and provide their products through brokers, agents and financial institutions.

Vero have a number of policies to suit specific business types. Vero are a part of Suncorp Group, who has been a financial institution for the past 180 years.

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Other Insurers

We have outlined some of the main insurers in Australia and there are numerous other companies who can provide high quality business insurance.

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