Low Cost Marketing for Tradies

Whether you are a well-established tradie or you have just started your business, if you want to grow, you need to get your message out there to new potential clients. There are some easy steps to ensure that you are utilising all the free and low-cost marketing options in order to increase the amount of quoting opportunities you receive.

Get Online

You can get online for as little as a few hundred dollars. Pick up one job from your website and you’re already ahead! You don’t need to have anything too fancy, a basic site with:

  • who you are,
  • what you do,
  • the locations you service,
  • photos of your work,
  • what your customers say about you,
  • a blog
  • and an enquiry form.

On your blog you can post updates of photos of the work you do, good customer reviews, and even DIY tips for your customers. Establish yourself as the expert in your trade in your local area.

Online Directories

When you Google search your competitors, there are online directories that will list them, generally a lot of these directories will allow you a free listing. You probably don’t have to worry about paying for upgraded or premium listings, however list as much information with these directories as they will allow you free of charge. Make sure you link it to your website if you have one.

Work towards a referral

Leave a lasting impression on your client and then prompt for a referral. The only thing you should leave behind at a job is a clean work area, an outstanding job, and a handful of business cards. Don’t be scared to ask them to refer you on to their friends. Have a nice looking company shirt and be clean shaven. Cover up your tatts. Be someone who they would want to let their friends and family know about. A referral will always be your strongest and most successful lead.

Work with lead generation partners

Before I start here I would say firstly, do your research on anyone, any company before you start the process with them. There are sites that you will only pay when a lead is delivered to you. Sites like Trade Busters and Rate My Tradie spend all their time generating leads and it’s in their interests to send you successful leads in order to create long term partners. If you test the leads out make sure you test at least 10 leads in order to see what the range of leads they provide are.

Get on Facebook

It’s important when you start your Facebook page that you understand what your Facebook approach will be. It’s very easy to spend a lot of time on social media for little reward. Remember Facebook is not your whole strategy, it’s just one small part. Firstly, you must establish how frequently you post, secondly, the style of your posts (people are not going to be engaged with much industry specific jargon, however they may be engaged by a funny post, question or picture which makes them double take). And last encourage your own friends and family to like and share your page as much as you can. This will always be your strongest network of referrers when you’re starting out!

Even if you have been around a few years, it doesn’t hurt to tie up a few loose ends by ensuring that you have these bases covered. Even as your business grows, this should give you a great base to launch a more serious marketing campaign further down the track.

We wish you every success with your business, as growing your own empire is one of the most exciting and regarding experiences you will ever have.

More help

Check these links for more marketing help:

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That should give you a good start with your marketing, but have you thought about business insurance? Out online insurance quoting system can get you a price in seconds.

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