A few years ago, it might have been enough for tradies to print out a few business cards or do a letterbox drop to increase their visibility in the community. However, in this increasingly digital age, you can guarantee that as soon as your services are recommended to someone they will be on the Internet doing a search of your business.

Your online presence is becoming more and more important and you need to make a good impression if customers decide to look you up online. After all, we tend to Google everything these days and tradies are no exception!

How Can I Improve My Online Profile?

Over 1 billion names and businesses are Googled every day and it will probably be the first thing people do when they are considering your services. No matter how good you are at your job, you need to have the online profile to back you up. If you’re not sure how positive your online presence is, put your name or business into Google and see what information you get back.

If you think your online presence is lacking and can see that competitors are getting the edge, here are some simple strategies for improving your online profile:

  1. Start a regular blog on your website – Having a regular blog on your website that you then share in newsletters or on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn can do wonders for your online presence. Make sure you keep it consistent.
  2. Use social media – Social media isn’t just for people to upload photos of their holidays, it can also be a valuable resource for increasing your reputation. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are all great options. Remember, you don’t have to use all social media available if you just don’t have time. Choose one that suits you and keep updating regularly. Consistently building your reputation is the key.
  3. Improve your reputation – You need to be able to prove online that you have a great reputation so it’s a good idea to consider joining Master Builder’s Associations, Tradebusters Connect or other exclusive groups. These will not only provide you with some extra knowledge and business tips, but Tradebusters Connect can help provide you extra exposure via blogging, and clients actively seek out businesses via Tradebusters to find reputable suppliers. Being a member can be extremely valuable.
  4. Be an expert – Look for opportunities to be featured on third party websites with tips or other contributions. You can then share this on your own website and via social media.
  5. PR opportunities – Take advantage of businesses who offer PR opportunities for you and your company. Get involved with charities, show up at events, attend trade shows – they can make all the difference in making you the go-to business.

Where to From Here?

Once you’ve spent some time improving your online profile, it might be time for you to be profiled on exclusive trade sites such as our friends at Tradebusters Connect who will profile reputable businesses in different areas. Tradebusters Connect can help you to increase your local profile and build a solid reputation, which is important in the often competitive area that tradies work in.

Your online presence is important to your business but so is insurance! For any questions about your insurance needs or to get a quote, contact All Trades Cover on 1300 826 850 today and we would be happy to help. You can also fill in our hassle free online form for an instant quote.

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