Your home is called a home because of the feelings you create within it, and part of this is the things you keep inside it. Your home really is more than just bricks and mortar. It is a reflection of who you are, what you like, how you like it, and what you value. The things that surround you are important in your life and very valuable to you not only personally but also financially. Should something go wrong, it’s important to think about how you would replace these things and build a home again.

Home and Contents Insurance steps in to help you replace the things that are important to you. You might have experienced a loss, theft, damage, fire, or natural disaster which caused the home or contents to become damaged or disappear.

You can choose to insure your home on its own, your contents on its own, or both in one policy. Everyone has a different situation at hand so it’s important to consider your circumstances and choose a policy that comprehensively covers this. You may be renting a home and simply need to insure what is inside it, or perhaps you have just moved in to a new home and don’t have furniture yet. Or you have a home and everything inside is set up and need to insure the lot.

Home Insurance

This type of insurance will cover the hose itself. If it is damaged due to an insured event such as fire, storm, hail, or flood the policy will help to replace the house. This covers the structure such as sheds and garage, however does not cover what you keep inside the home.

Contents Insurance

Contents Insurance will cover against any loss, damage, or theft of the items you keep inside the house or out-buildings. These things can include furniture, electrical items, jewelry, cameras or clothing amongst other things you choose to insure. Your policy will include a list of insured events and exclusions.

Home and Contents Insurance

Many people choose to combine their home and contents insurance into one policy. This will cover both the structure of the home and what is inside it.

Under-insurance of Home and Contents

It’s important to note that under-insurance of your home and contents to save money is not advised. There has been many a case we see where Australian family homes have been damaged by fire or natural disaster and they have not had insurance in place. These families are forced to start from scratch and rebuild their homes with little help. The right insurance policy can help take away the stress of financing a rebuild or paying for bran new contents.

It’s very important that home owners invest in a Home Insurance policy that will cover the replacement cost of the house. Renters should be investing in a policy to cover their entire contents, the home itself will be responsibility of the owner of the home, or landlord. Every policy is different so it is important to read carefully and fully understand before implementing a policy.

Shopping around can help you save on a policy, however this can be rather time consuming and if you don’t understand the policies you can find yourself under-insured should an unexpected event arise. A Perth broker can help you to decipher policies and knows multiple insurers to approach for quotes. If you require a comprehensive and affordable Home and Contents Insurance policy contact All Trades Cover on 1300 826 850 today. Visit us at, you can also fill out our contact form to get in touch with us. All information provided above is of a general nature, if you need specific advice we recommend speaking to a broker.

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