At AllTradesCover we like to make life easy. We are one of the only online insurance providers that can give you your Public Liability Certificate of Insurance straight away. Once your online purchase is completed through us the we will automatically email you a copy of your insurance schedule, product disclosure document and your Certificate of Insurance.

There is no faster way online to get a Certificate of Insurance, in fact, most other sites can’t even give you a live price from their site. You have to answer a heap of questions and in the end it has to be manually quoted, by a person.

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

With AllTradesCover, we just ask you 7-8 questions, (including your name, and contact details) so you should have no problems getting a quote in seconds, and then if you’re happy with what you see, you can request, pay and bind your cover within minutes.

Should you get stuck along the way then you have the option to live chat or phone one of our team members (most of which are called Mike) who will help you complete the process, or even complete it for you. How easy is that?!

Also, if you don’t see your trade on our list then simply contact us and we will find an insurer who will cover your trade. when we say ALL TRADES Cover we mean it!

So for the fastest Certificate of Insurance online click on get a quote anywhere on our site to get a price within seconds.

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