As a cleaner, you work hard for a living and the last thing you need is to worry about things going wrong. To make sure you’re prepared in the event of the unexpected, having a proper insurance package in place is essential. But what types of insurance should cleaners consider?

Which Types of Insurance Are Right For Me?

Before you decide on an insurance package, it’s important to know what forms of cover apply to your specific situation. Whether you’re self-employed as a cleaner or running a small cleaning business with a number of employees, there is an insurance package that will be right for you.

  • Public Liability Insurance – Public Liability Insurance will cover you against the cost of damages to property or injury to another person that has occurred while you’re carrying out your work. This is important for cleaners due to the potential for hazards such as people tripping over equipment or developing reactions to certain products. It means you’ll be covered if you’re found liable for damages following a claim.
  • Property & Tool Cover – Cleaners are usually required to travel between different locations for numerous jobs every day and you carry your cleaning equipment with you. Think about how difficult, not to mention expensive, it would be if your equipment was lost or stolen. Property and Tool Cover means that you’re covered for the replacement of your gear so you don’t need to worry about being out of pocket.
  • Personal Accident & Illness – As a cleaner you are most likely in a situation where if you’re unable to work, you won’t receive an income. This can make it very difficult to keep up with payments and maintain your lifestyle. Personal Accident & Illness Cover means you continue to receive a portion of your income if you’re not able to work due to injury or illness. This cover lasts until you return to work or until the policy runs out.
  • Workers Compensation – This is an important consideration if you run a cleaning business where you have employees working for you. If one of your employees is successful in a workers compensation claim, it could mean you’re required to make regular payments for a lengthy period of time. Workers Compensation Insurance means that you’ll be reimbursed for these payments by the insurer.

Who Can I Contact For More Information?

Although you may now be aware of the insurance policies that may apply to you, it can still be overwhelming. If you’re not sure where to go from here, contact your insurance broker and have a chat about your specific situation. They are industry professionals who are the best people to look into which insurance package is right for you.

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