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As a business operator, owner, or tradesperson, you already have a lot to worry about. We are a business ourselves and brokers specialising in insurance.

There are different business insurance types to choose from, and we have covered them here on the blog. For example, if you’re considering getting Public Liability Insurance, this post is for you. If you have no clue where to begin, read this rundown of business insurance fundamentals for the answers.

We also dive into a variety of subjects that we believe can genuinely help your firm. Maybe you’re struggling with your online presence. We recommend that you read this blog post. If you’re a tradie who’s strapped for cash, we have 10 tips to help you solve your cash flow issues.

Whether you are starting a business or you’re already in operation, you need all the help you can get. The All Trades Cover blog provides valuable and applicable business advice for companies of all sizes.

Contractor or Employee? Be Prepared to Justify Your Position

Contractor or employee? The issue of whether a worker is a contractor or an employee is an old one. In fact, it can be traced right back to the genesis of the labour movement. From a conceptual point of view, an independent contractor operates, and is subject to the risk of running, his or her own business. Independent contractors are…

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Making the Switch from Employee to Independent Contractor

Are you making the switch from employee to independent contractor? Well the first time stepping into your own business can be daunting however these are 5 steps to help you get this new phase of your career started on the right foot. 1. Sit down with an accountant – sure you could just go online and get an ABN, however…

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Low Cost Marketing for Tradies

Whether you are a well-established tradie or you have just started your business, if you want to grow, you need to get your message out there to new potential clients. There are some easy steps to ensure that you are utilising all the free and low-cost marketing options in order to increase the amount of quoting opportunities you receive. Get…

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