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Playing it Safe: Simple Safety Tips for Electricians

Working as an electrician can be risky and simple mistakes can have serious consequences. If you take a common sense approach and remember basic safety tips, you can generally avoid serious accidents. Your safety needs to be your top priority, so we’ll be discussing some steps you can take to make sure you stay safe. Staying safe on the job…

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How Tradies Can Protect Their Tools From Theft

There’s nothing more frustrating than realising that you’ve been the victim of theft and all of your tools are gone. Not only does this mean the inconvenience of not being able to do your work without the right tools, it’s also expensive to fork out for replacements. Luckily, there are a few simple steps you can take to keep your…

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Lucky Plumbers Find $40,000 Gold Bar Underneath Bathtub

While some of us might hope to win the lotto, two Canadian plumbers couldn’t believe their luck when they happened across a gold bar while working in a client’s home. In case you’re wondering what they spent the money on, the honest tradies handed their prize straight over to their clients. Striking gold on the job The New York Daily…

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The Benefits of a Paperless Small Business

As a tradie, you’ve probably heard people talk about that their business is ‘paperless’ but you might not have thought this applies to you. After all, you only have your small business to worry about. A paperless business means you use technology to reduce the amount of paper you use. There are a number of benefits to this modern approach.…

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Top 5 Types of Insurance for Plumbers

When you run a busy plumbing business, having a close look at your insurance probably isn’t on your priority list. However, insurance is designed to protect you and your business and it’s important you have the right policies in place. Today we’ll have a look at the top insurance policies that plumbers need to consider. 1. Public liability insurance Public…

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Public Liability Insurance for Electricians

Electricians are highly skilled tradies and also work in a relatively risky profession. To make sure you’re covered, you need to have public liability insurance at place to protect yourself financially. What is public liability insurance? Public liability insurance is designed to protect you financially if you cause damage to property or injury to a third party whilst you’re at…

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