Public Liability Insurance Cover

You insure your house, you insure your car, however if you don’t insure your business for with a Public Liability Policy you have the potential to loose not only your home and car but also your business. As a tradesman, a lot of the time your business is set up so that in the event your business is held responsible for a loss, you are also, which means your personal assets can also be on the line.

Public Liability Insurance covers individuals and businesses for their legal liability in the event of personal injury or damage to property of others during the course of normal day to day business operations.

Get An Online Public Liability Quote

All Trades Cover has teamed with Australia’s largest Insurer to provide you with one of the best Public Liability Insurance Quotes and Policies available in Australia with some of the best Liability Premiums available. If your one of our preferred occupations you can have your quote within 2 minutes and should you be happy with our price then within only a few more clicks you will have cover instantly and your policy documents emailed to you.

If you run into any dramas with your Insurance Quote along the way then one of our Trade Insurance Specialists can assist over the phone with an instant quote. And when we say Trade Insurance specialist, we mean it. We don’t just send our staff on a one day training course for a product and call them experts, they deal with Trade Package Insurance all day, every day and are experts in helping you get the right cover.

We also have flexible payment options, where you can either pay your Public Liability Insurance Premium by the month or annually.